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Sponsored search is commonly referred to as "Pay per Click" or "PPC" based on its pricing model. An advertiser pays a market price each time a visitor clicks their advertised link. Sponsored Search is a powerful complementary strategy to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for increasing traffic to your web site. PPC campaigns provide you with quick results and greater control for targeting your online advertising.

3RD ANGLE’s sponsored search experts leverage ORCHESTRATE3, our proprietary software, to manage high performing PPC campaigns.
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Sponsored Search Benefits
  • Quick Results
  • High Ranking First Page Impressions
  • Ability to Target Advertising to:
    • Lines of Business
    • Specific Products
    • Special Events or Promotions
  • Greater Control of Positioning / Impressions
  • Greater Transparency of Cost and ROI
  • Enhanced Search Engine Support
  • Brand Awareness
  • Testing Ground for Key Words and Ad Copy
  • Increased Conversions
Sponsored Search Services
  • Sponsored Search Consulting
  • Sponsored Search Campaign Management
    • Comprehensive Key Word Lists
    • Compelling Ad Copy
    • Geographic Targeting
    • Schedule Control
    • Bid Management
    • Content Network Strategies
    • Call Tracking
    • Conversion Tracking
    • Performance Reporting
  • ORCHESTRATE3 Subscription Services

Sponsored Search


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